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> Bag filters > Compact filters > Box filters
> Most recent filter media inside > Up to 5 times more prefilter area
> F7/F8/F9 fine filter with integrated prefilter    (no cost for investment for an extra prefilter) > Saves energy and operating costs > Saves money
Filter media design All filter media types of IREMA-Filter are exclusively manufactured on production machines designed and built in-house. The proprietary manufacturing technology enables IREMA-Filter to flexibly design media out of fibers with different filtration properties. This is reflected by a great number of patented processes and products. By the combination of different fiber types IREMA-Filter can create filter media showing a progressive 3-dimensional layered structure. Today FILTA Hybrid Series filters utilize the most recent 3-layer design of IREMA-Filter, which means each layer features its own characteristics:

Up to 5 times more prefilter area

1st layer

Proprietary technology for more

filtration efficiency

2nd layer

Fine dust filtration to capture smallest


3rd layer

All summing up to the excellent performance of FILTA products!

PLEAT TECHNOLOGY Beside the unique filter media design, FILTA Hybrid filters represent a new generation of filters based on a proprietary and patented pleat technology. The pleat design itself keeps the pleats apart and withstands all air velocities with a laminar air flow.

Detailed view of our pleat technology!

Hybrid 100
Hybrid 300
Hybrid 50
Hybrid 300 HF
Due to the unique 3-layer filter media design our filters stand out with great features. FILTA can supply your business with filters for the following applications:
HVAC industry > Airports > Commercial and Office buildings > Hospitals > Schools and Universities > Shopping Malls Food and Beverage industry Pharmaceutical industry Optical industry Electronic industry Gas turbine and power systems industry

„Based on our 3 year partnership with FILTA, we reduce our cost for air filtration by 30 percent!“

- Purchasing Manager, Leader in optical Industry -

„Excellent onsite service which is a huge benefit for us“

- Manager Maintenance, Global microelectronic group -

„We like long lifespan and the light weight of FILTA products during assembly“

- Service Technician, Leading food company -


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